CV Eng


Educational Background
1977 – Graduated from Medical School – University of  Siena
1977 – Italian State Medical License
1982 – National Board in Obstetrics and Gynecology
1984 – Graduated from the Sexual Therapy Teaching Program at New York Hospital – C.U.M.C., New York
1985 – Graduated from the Human Sexuality Program at Mt. Sinai Hospital – M.S.S.M., New York
1986 – Graduated from the Medical Sexology Program at the State Medical School in  Florence

Scientific memberships
1987 – Society for Sex Therapy and Research
1998 – International Academy of Sex Research
2005 – International Society of Sexual Medicine

Professional Activity
Since 1985 the doctor heads the Human Sexuality Program at the Medical School  in Siena that includes teaching  elective courses on human sexuality to medical students and residents in endocrinology, psychiatry, and gynecology. At the Dept of Obstetrics and Gynecology  of the university hospital in Siena and in her private practice, she evaluates and treats single patients and couples with sexual dysfunctions and sexual pain,  and provides sexual rehabilitation to patients with medical conditions such as hysterectomy, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and eating disorders. The doctor is involved in projects to determine the influence of chronic pain syndromes on sex and to diagnose the presence of  vulvo vestibulitis in patients affected by musculoskeletal pain.