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Sexual pain in women: quality of sex life and marital relations

Common gynecological and dermatological conditions resulting in sexual pain are often observed in gynecological prac-
tice and are easily diagnosed with visual observation and laboratory tests. The lower genital tract diseases we are refer-
ring to are vaginitis, vaginoses, dermatoses, hypoestrogenism and endometriosis. All of them affect the vaginal mucosa
with diverse mechanisms, their effects lasting for only few days or many months. Furthermore, they change the women’s
sense of wellbeing sometimes significantly and for a long period. The conditions we mentioned above are recognized
promptly with basic gynecological interventions but when burning or sharp pain occurs with light pressure (as in case of
penetration attempts) without physical signs we must suspect the genitopelvic pain penetration disorder. This condition
was defined for the first time in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-5 and its dimensions include
difficulty or pain at penetration associated with fear, anxiety, and pelvic floor hypertonus. Pain is most often localized at
the vulvar vestibule and described as burning, pressure, and itching. These dimensions are iconic of sexual pain associ-
ated with vulvodyina and vaginismus but are common also in fibromyalgia, a syndrome of widespread chronic pain of
unknown origin; sexual pain in fibromyalgia is mostly attributed both to the joint pathology and to the lower sensitive
threshold that are the pathognomonic signs of this condition. In our study we analyzed the characteristics of pain as re-
ported for each disease to evaluate its influence on sexuality and marital relations.